If Menu – Conditional menu on your website

Now develop conditional menu on your website :


are you a web developer or a person who keep making changes into Live site? or you want to show top navigation to certain audience or person ? Did you spend few hours writing logic for conditional menu  logic? Yes! here is quick and perfect answer for your all conditional menu  needs. Read more

WordPress Customization

A. What is WordPress

Reference Site: http://wordpress.org/


“WordPress is web software you can use to create a beautiful website or blog. We like to say that WordPress is both free and priceless at the same time.”- WordPress.org

“WordPress is coolest web software to make website and way more than blogging platform” – Kevin Peterson

What is a great use of WordPress?

  • Easy to use back end / admin password protected panel where you can make changes to contents, upload video, pictures in very easy way. It will reflect instantly on front page Read more

New plug-in launched by WordPress for multi-language content

Since the inception of WordPress, there was an overpowering need to get multi-language content to be written. However, the problem was more complex than earlier thought of. The biggest challenge here was to script the metadata as it would be different for each language. Read more

What’s new with WordPress 2.1 for Android

Nowadays, the technology is providing compacted equipments such as mobile phones and Smartphone to meet the needs of the users. Currently, the market is fully flooded with Smartphone having advanced features and high speed connectivity. One of the most popular Smartphone operating systems is Android. It is a platform or operating system which is installed into the phones. Read more

Hire WordPress Developers

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