Exhibit people is at the fore of smart rental solutions specializing in customized trade show rentals and their website needed to reflect that. Our collaborative website redesign project with them focused on streamlining their vast menu structure, design effective user-friendly layouts, and help them have consistency across two locations. HireWordPressDevelopers is proud to work with ExhibitPeople to create a functional WordPress website with a good number of unique visitors per month.

Client Name
Exhibit People
Las Vegas
Technology Stack
Design Stack

Home Page

A CMS website to support client’s rental business efficiently.


A responsive website that redefined how unique a rental business can be.


Tablet compatible version to help the client build credibility.


Customers can use the mobile version anytime, anywhere effectively.

Combining the brand color scheme with a new take on typography

Muli Font Family




The client had deep problems with page load speed in their old website and the user bounce rate was very high.

The sight needed a technical and sitemap solution to significantly improve content display across various services, redefine the visual representation, user navigation, and ease of authoring and editing all pages.

They wanted a development partner that has domain expertise, understands their rental business and the lead generation business.


We offered them an effective layout option to integrate their vast menu which included various priced rental designs, priced rental products, and rental services.

We provided custom plug-ins that significantly improved page load speed across the entire site by implementing themes and other optimization solutions.

We strategized and rolled out a proper plan to fix their technical issues, ran tests and established benchmarks for page load speed.

We fixed all the underlying issues to improve user experience by optimizing databases and code for faster responses.


Exhibitpeople.com has now become the website that loads at a lightning speed thus improving page load performance and Google rankings.

The site experienced an increase in monthly traffic which helped us gain trust as preferred third-party website development and technical solutions provider.

We helped them with proper content management and provided a CMS solution to help them keep their content relevant and updated as per the changing market norms.

We worked around-the-clock to provide 24x7 technical support, good and responsive website and meet client’s needs within the given time frame.

What They Say

I don’t have word to express my gratitude towards HWD for the way they have changed how my website looks in the browser as well in the search engines. One word for them and it is – They know their business very well. I and my seniors are extremely impressed by the mix of creativity and in depth knowledge backed up by the skills they posses.

Matt LaBruzza

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