Voice & Tone – Alternative Apparel

Recently we have worked on one of our client project Alternative Apparel.



WordPress Custom theme integration

Custom theme

Mobile Friendly HTML/CSS ( Responsive )


Live site URL: http://voiceandtone.alternativeapparel.com/

business brick by brick

Recently we have worked on our client site : http://businessbrickbybrick.com/

Teach :

  •  WordPress
  • S2member 


Rocky Mountain Prep

Rocky Mountain Prep, a new tuition-free, public charter school located in Southeast Denver. The mission of Rocky Mountain Prep is to educate students in pre-kindergarten through grade 8 with the rigorous academic preparation, character development and individualized support necessary to succeed in a four-year college and life. We help them to create website .

Teach: WordPress/Php, HTML, CSS


  • Custom WordPress theme
  • Royal Slider
  • Custom Page template
  • Event management
  • Email Signup
  • Custom contact form

Live site URL: http://www.rockymountainprep.org/

Proximiant – Tap and Go Digital Receipts

We recently worked with Proximiant Digital Receipts company for website development project.

Technology : HTML/CSS, Drupal and others

Features :

video integration, custom form , email marketing tool

Website URL: http://www.proximiant.com/

Nikki and Chris Online Coaching

We are happy to work with Nikki and Chris Coaching, training and speaking website. Coaches and trainers who know that every person has WAY MORE POTENTIAL than they believe they have. We love seeing people at their best. We thrive on lifting people out of “average” and into “limitless possibilities.”

Teach : WordPress


iContact integration with s2member


Live site URL: http://www.nikkiandchris.com

Legacy Treasure

We are happy to announce that we recently worked on Jeweler site. Legacy Treasure provides exquisite natural gemstones to the American Jewelry Industry. We provides such a beautiful functionality like Online Shopping cart, custom filter etc

  • Tech : WordPress
  • HTML/CSS to WordPress
  • Shopping cart (WP-ecommerce)
  • Sorting for product
  • Bulk rate for buyers
  • Shipping


We have recently develop another restaurant website. Nakato Japanese Restaurant is an authentic Japanese family owned restaurant serving dinner-both traditional and hibachi/teppanyaki style favorites, along with the freshest selection of sushi in Atlanta.

  • Tech : WordPress CMS
  • PSD to HTML
  • HTML/CSS to WordPress
  • Custom image slider
  • Custom widget development
  • Gallery integration
  • Contact form

Birth Boot Camp

We worked on Birth Boot Camp. Birth Boot Camp is committed to training couples in natural birth and breastfeeding through accessible, contemporary education.


Tech: WordPress

1. WordPress CMS

2. S2member integration

Site URL : birthbootcamp.com

This website is for Cake Lover

We recently worked on website, and its all about Cake! Yea its all about Cake, you might wanted to take a look.


Tech : WordPress CMS


1. Image gallery Integration

2. Custom Banner work


4. Java Scrip

5. Custom Footer development


Site URL: http://forgoodnesscakes.net/


Fashion - Promoting Individuals Creating Their Own SuccessToya Knowles - Fashion

Fashion Website


Fashion Portal

- Boutiques
- Fashion Designers
- Hair Stylists
- Models
- Gallery
- s2Member Customization
- GD start rating plugin system implementation

Tech: WordPress/s2member Plugin , Custom Ajax , Sorting and filter , Mobile Friendly site

Website URL: fashion.hustleheads.com

OFM Benefits Consulting

OFM Benefits Consulting

- Corporate Consulting
- Custom quick contact
- jQuery menu setup

Corephp, HTML, PSD

Redding Roadhouse

Redding Rroadhouse

- Hotel website which includes all information about foods and packages.
- Banquet Quote,
- VIP Sigup-List,
- Special Events and
- Customer Survey



Writers Tribe

- Online community of writers
- BuddyPress
- BuddyPress Customization
- wt_community customize plugin with online QA

WordPress, BuddyPress, Custom

Heron Dance

 Art e-Commerce Website

- Templating
- s2Member Plugin
- s2Member Customization
- Cart66 e-Commerce
- Gallery

WordPress, s2Member, Cart66

Music City Radio

Music City Radio

- Music Radio Website
- PSD to HML
- Poll setup
- WPQST – Quiz and Survey WP plugin
- Custom plugin development – voting

WordPress, Custom Plugins


In the age of information and cutting-edge technology, we have been helping the organizations to explore their full potential.We, through our excellent services, help our customers in bridging the gap between ‘their present worth’ and ‘their actual worth’.

We happily present here Studio25Productions, a wedding & videography website. Studio25Productions has been catering to the need of the people, looking for number one professional videographer for wedding, corporate and every other event. With their base in Georgia, they have gained requisite expertise in wedding videography, theme integration, blog setup and even locating suitable destinations for events.

Services we offered:

  • Web design
  • Blog setup
  • Theme integration
  • Customizing the Home page
  • Customizing the portfolio with Vimeo.

Technology used:

With an expert team of professionals, we converted PSD format into HTML to make it presentable on a wider platform. The technologies used for this website include WordPress,CSS, HTML and PSD.

website: studio25productions.com

Working Buildings

The successful execution of a project requires in-depth knowledge of every function involved from planning to operation. Efficient utilization of existing resources at every stage vouches for the success of projects.

We present here Working Buildings as our esteemed client. The Working Buildings provides comprehensive solution to project related issues since the date of its inception in early 1990s. The company has gathered requisite expertise in commissioning of building and construction management with due consideration to energy conservation. Working Buildings has completed more than 700 projects till date. It has wide experience of constructing medical buildings, education and data centre and many more.

We offered following services for this client:

  • PSD to HTML.
  • Theme integration.
  • News setup.
  • Blog setup.
  • Customization with categories.

Technologies we use:

 Our proficient team is capable of handling intricate projects. We expertly make use of WordPress, customization and HTML as our technical tools.

Website URL: http://workingbuildings.com


Thesis Theme work

 Thesis Theme Customization
- Create custom template
- With managing elements like background, inner container etc.,

WordPress, Thesis theme

When I Play


We happily introduce When I Play as our customer, an organization under the aegis of The Atlanta Symphony. It’s a charity campaign to promote the musically rich children and get them the required platform to hone their skills. Our client has been praised by many prestigious music companies and websites such as YouTube for its initiatives. The Atlanta Symphony shares the credit of nurturing some of the budding musicians. The organization runs on the pillars of financial assistance given as donation. It offers more than 30000 hours of music annually along with its talent development programs. We help our customer to obtain its long term as well as short term goals.

Our expertise: 

We provide following services to this client: 

  • Web design PSD.
  • PSD to HTML conversion.
  • WordPress development.
  • News section.
  • Video sharing.

Our technology: 

Our expert professionals use the latest technologies such as WordPress,CSS, HTML and PSD to provide the best results.

Lawery Group


We are a web based company helping our clients to obtain impeccable heights and position of a leader in their respective fields. Our services have created a niche market for us. 

We introduce Lowrey Group as our elite customer. Lowrey Group, with its base at South Carolina, is the flagship company of Old Fort Pub, Antonio’s, CQ’s restaurant, Celebrations Catering and Events and CH-2. All of the group companies are well established in the field of hospitality, event management and publishing. The restaurants provide world class cuisines and great natural atmosphere. Celebrations Catering and Events brings topmost professional together during an event. Our client has been awarded by prestigious organizations for its extraordinary services. 

Our domain expertise: 

  • Web design.
  • PSD to HTML conversion.
  • Theme development.
  • Events.
  • Mailing list.

Technologies we use: 

Our latest technologies ensure world class quality services. We use WordPress, templates, design and HTML that ensures the best results.

Hustle Heads

We present here Hustle Heads as our esteemed client. Hustle Heads is an organization working in the field of business, education, entertainment and lifestyle. It promotes various educational programs through its education portal. In its lifestyle section, it takes care of food and drink, fashion, real estate and beauty. It offers membership for availing the facilities it provides. The event organized by our client such as lectures, parties etc., cater to various sections of the society. Hustle Heads has become a renowned name for its finest services. 

Services offered: 

We help our customers in the following services: 

  • S2memeber integration.
  • Email Signup.
  • Customer theme development.
  • Member management.
  • ClubPoint Plugin customization.
  • Event espresso Plugin configuration.
  • Google analytics.
  • Mail chimp.
  • Gallery Plugin development.
  • Custom Plugin development.
  • BuddyPress integration and customization.
  • Chat functionality for members.

Our latest techniques ensure customer satisfaction at a competitive price.

Website : www.hustleheads.com

Olde Towne Tavern And Grille

Olde Towne Tavern And Grille

Olde Towne: If you are a restaurant owner or wanted to develop website for restaurant business you might wanted to take a look at key features that we develop in this website:

1. Design template integration (PSD to HTML/CSS)

2. Custom Banner implementation

3. Blogs

4. Reviews system

5. Image/PDF or file upload functionality

6. Email sign up

Payne Corley House

Payne- Corley House: This website helps people to know more about wedding planning and also Payne-Corley House provides all type of Wedding arrangement services. Some of the key features that we developed in this website:
1. Design template integration (PSD to HTML/CSS)

2. Custom Menu/Navigation with effect

3. Online Bookings system

4. Powerful contact form

5.Custom widget development

6. custom media gallery integration

DAP APP Website

One of the Finest looking them that we worked on (Woo Thems). thedapapp.com is one of the site for promoting iPhone application (DAP APP) on Apple. The key tasks that we performed on this website as below:

1. Integrate Slider (Video and picture)2. Custom sharing functionality in footer

3. Blog creating

4. Custom sidebar development

5. Email signup and integration with another marketing campaign tool

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