Rocky Mountain Prep

Rocky Mountain Prep, a new tuition-free, public charter school located in Southeast Denver. The mission of Rocky Mountain Prep is to educate students in pre-kindergarten through grade 8 with the rigorous academic preparation, character development and individualized support necessary to succeed in a four-year college and life. We help them to create website .

Teach: WordPress/Php, HTML, CSS


  • Custom WordPress theme
  • Royal Slider
  • Custom Page template
  • Event management
  • Email Signup
  • Custom contact form

Live site URL:

Nikki and Chris Online Coaching

We are happy to work with Nikki and Chris Coaching, training and speaking website. Coaches and trainers who know that every person has WAY MORE POTENTIAL than they believe they have. We love seeing people at their best. We thrive on lifting people out of “average” and into “limitless possibilities.”

Teach : WordPress


iContact integration with s2member


Live site URL:

Legacy Treasure

We are happy to announce that we recently worked on Jeweler site. Legacy Treasure provides exquisite natural gemstones to the American Jewelry Industry. We provides such a beautiful functionality like Online Shopping cart, custom filter etc

  • Tech : WordPress
  • HTML/CSS to WordPress
  • Shopping cart (WP-ecommerce)
  • Sorting for product
  • Bulk rate for buyers
  • Shipping


We have recently develop another restaurant website. Nakato Japanese Restaurant is an authentic Japanese family owned restaurant serving dinner-both traditional and hibachi/teppanyaki style favorites, along with the freshest selection of sushi in Atlanta.

  • Tech : WordPress CMS
  • PSD to HTML
  • HTML/CSS to WordPress
  • Custom image slider
  • Custom widget development
  • Gallery integration
  • Contact form

This website is for Cake Lover

We recently worked on website, and its all about Cake! Yea its all about Cake, you might wanted to take a look.


Tech : WordPress CMS


1. Image gallery Integration

2. Custom Banner work


4. Java Scrip

5. Custom Footer development


Site URL:


Fashion Website


Fashion Portal

– Boutiques
– Fashion Designers
– Hair Stylists
– Models
– Gallery
– s2Member Customization
– GD start rating plugin system implementation

Tech: WordPress/s2member Plugin , Custom Ajax , Sorting and filter , Mobile Friendly site

Website URL:

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