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ALLour client Projects we delivered use a content management system called WorPress. We have been using WordPress for many years now and seen it evolve from what we started out as a blogging tool to full blown CMS.

Here are some of the reasons why we love it so much:

1 WordPress is FREE: Used and contributed to by millions of bloggers from around the world.  WordPress is being constantly updated, enhanced and evolved.

2 Super easy to install: WordPress allows you to install within minutes without having to be technically minded. There are many tutorials around and if you are running CPanel you can use Fantastico Deluxe’s awesome ONE click install.

3 Access to Themes: There are thousands and thousands of free themes available on the web ready to install and use.  This changes the appearance of how your website “looks and feels”.

4 Plugins: A plugin is a way of “extending” or “enhancing” the core functionality or features of WordPress.  We recently implemented an event registration plugin using a plugin called “Event Expresso”. Need to adjust a plug-in? Not a problem. With basic knowledge of PHP, you can modify and adjust these plug-ins to your liking with no fuss.

5 Very SEO friendly: Using a plugin called “All In One SEO” you can easily optimise each of your pages and posts so that it gives you the best possible chance to generate traffic through Google.  This coupled with the ability to fully customise your URL’s makes this a very SEO friendly tool!

6 Customization: We are a Website development company, so we dislike using rigid CMS templates. WordPress gives us the most control over the look of a website down to the page level.

7 Ease of Use: Not only is WordPress easy for us to customize and add content, it is most importantly easy for our clients to add and edit content. We find that training a client on WordPress is far easier than the other CMS solutions out there because of how intuitive it is.

8 Roles: WordPress allows you to give multiple users access to the control panel without having to give them complete admin access. This is great if you want to allow others to contribute to your site without worrying about them overwriting your page content.

  • WordPress/Website Consultation
  • Custom-Built WordPress Themes based on your design
  • Customization of Existing WordPress Themes
  • Custom Development of  Pugins and other functionality
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